For Intellectual Property (IP), Legasis adopts the PPP model, i.e., Promote, Protect, and Profit from your IP. Legasis helps several clients, such as premier technology companies, R&D labs, law firms, Start-ups, and Individual Inventors to provide IP services Patent Drafting and Filing, Trademark filing, Copyright and Design Filing, Patent Prosecution, Prior art research, Claim Mapping, Competitive intelligence studies, Patent litigation support, White Space Analysis, and the like. We helped numerous inventors to Patent Protect their inventions in several technological areas, such as Semiconductor, Software, Credit Card Fraud Detection Systems, Image Processing, Mechanical, Pharmaceutical, and many more. The IP services are provided using our proprietary software called Legasis Intellectual Property Solution (LIPS), which is an in-house developed software solution for idea capturing and docket management,


Our Patent team specializes in providing end-to-end patent services that enable our clients to protect their innovations in an effective manner. Along with providing end-to end patent services, we also provide guidance to make the right decisions at the right time. The patent team comprises of experienced Attorneys and Patent Agents who advise on diverse aspects of patent domain. The team also includes technical experts from various engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, and pharmaceuticals domain that support clients in effective protection of their ideas. The team has drafted and filed over several thousand patent applications till date. Our end-to-end patent services comprise Patentability Search, Patent Drafting and filing across jurisdictions, patent prosecution, freedom to operate/ Infringement analysis, landscaping and claim mapping, assignment recordal, opposition and litigation support.

Trade Marks

Our Trademark team is actively involved in providing gamut of trademark services. Over the time, the trademark team has built clients' trust, respect and creditability due to their accurate and timely advice on various aspects of Trademark domain. Our trademark services comprise Trademark availability search, filing across jurisdictions, prosecution, renewal, assignment recordal, opposition, portfolio management and litigation support.


Our Copyright team offers our clients complete copyright protection services. The Copyright team has worked in obtaining copyright protection for various categories such as books, e-books, manuscripts, song lyrics, written music, recorded music, recorded songs, recorded poetry, recorded screenplays, recorded stage plays, recorded short stories, websites, software, Video, films, and photograph. Our copyright services comprise copyright filing across jurisdictions, prosecution, assignment recordal, and litigation support.


Our Design team offers efficient design services which completely meet the client requirements and expectations. The design team comprises of highly qualified and experienced attorneys who efficiently protect clients' designs. Our design services comprise design searching and filing across jurisdictions, Prosecution, renewal, assignment recordal, and litigation support.