Legasis Partners has developed a strong Counter Fraud practice team consisting of lawyers, subject matter experts, retired law enforcement officials and management experts. The Firm advises and assists its clients with respect to investigations, audit or dealing with outbreak of an all pervasive fraud across the business. Through structured training program, the Firm's lawyers make the corporates aware of the steps to be taken with respect to prevention and dealing of corporate frauds.

The Firm's lawyers are adept at managing the issues at hand to reduce the impact on our clients' businesses. Legasis Partners assists its clients to ensure that the impact of a fraud does not cause severe consequences to the client. Litigation Crisis Communication is one of the key areas in which Legasis Partners is considered as a pioneer in India. The Firm's lawyers work closely with clients' media and communication experts bringing out clarity of purpose and avoiding media's adverse implications on justice delivery. The Counter Fraud Practice comprises of Enforcement Actions, Revalidating/Invalidating Outcomes, Defense Support Services, acting as Lawyers to Professionals, Economic Offences & Fraud Practice and Investigation Support. As a part of Counter Fraud Practice, Legasis Partners has successfully supported its clients' requirements through engagement as Dawn Raids Retainer. Dawn Raids Retainer consists of awareness program, structured trainings, comprehensive check-lists, identifying vulnerable areas and preparing client executives for any raids.