At Legasis Partners, our lawyers believe in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a means of amiable settlement and avoiding litigation where possible. The Firm's lawyers are adept at applying Game Theory principles to commercial and other legal disputes. The Firm understands and promotes avoidance of litigation and thus, mainly focuses on ADR comprising of mediation, conciliation and arbitration. The Firm has pioneered the out-of-the-box approach for resolving disputes.

Arbitration Practice: The Firm's lawyers have pioneered in ICC and Bi-lateral Investment Treaty Arbitrations. Arbitration Practice comprises of Statutory Arbitrations, Commercial Disputes and International Commercial Arbitrations. Besides conducting Arbitrations across India and other jurisdictions, appointment of Arbitrators, interim protection measures, enforcement of awards are some of the areas of expertise at the Firm. The Firm's lawyers have also conducted International Commercial Arbitrations in association with global law firms. Anti-Arbitration and Anti-Suit related cases have been successfully handled by the Firm's lawyers. Legasis Partners has an outcome based approach towards arbitrations.

Litigation: With 25 lawyers supporting the Litigation Practice at Legasis, the Firm's lawyers support all stages of Litigation. The Firm has ability and wherewithal to represent its clients before all tribunals, regulatory forums, civil and criminal courts (from trial courts to the Supreme Court of India).